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6’ 5” Funboard - “The Quadmatic”

Length: 6' 5"
Nose Width: 15"
Overall Width: 20 3/8"
Wide Point: 2" Back
Tail Width: 14 7/8"
Thickness: 2 7/8"
Tail Shape: Rounded Pintail
Fin Layout: Quad
Bottom Design: single concave - bowled double-concave - vee
Design Date: September 2011

This design represents another refinement of the Quadmatic design with this one being at the shorter end of the spectrum.

One of the main design refinements with this version was to move to a narrower nose that was also more parabolic in shape. This change further enhances the cockpit of the board making it turn even better, but by reducing the nose fullness the board also has better handling characteristics in the pocket.

The tail was also pinched a little tighter behind the tail measurement point in order to further enhance the quad placement.

The rocker is a little less flipped in the nose than some of the previous designs, with the same flatter rocker through the center of the board to enhance paddling and trim speed, and then progressively more rocker through the tail but with a little more flip in the tail.

The bottom features our standard single, to double bowled concave with vee out through the tail.

Fin setup is a tight quad layout close to the rail to allow the fins to be as small as possible in order to maximize speed and holding power.

Construction is either standard polyurethane/polyester or a V-Lam hybrid with polyurethane foam and polyester, with a bamboo deck patch applied with epoxy, finished in polyester.

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