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7’ 3” Retro Single Fin - “The Singleton”

Length: 7' 3"
Nose Width: 13 5/8""
Overall Width: 20 3/4"
Wide Point: 1 1/2" Forward
Tail Width: 13 3/4"
Thickness: 3"
Tail Shape: Rounded Pintail
Fin Layout: Single Fin Box
Bottom Design: single concave - bowled double-concave - vee
Design Date: January 2012

This is our most recent single fin design. We have always made single fins but over time they have changed to include some modern design elements from our other boards.

In this design we are utilizing the same bottom design as our guns and longboards, but in a single fin. This dramatically increases the performance of these single fins without compromising the beautiful feel from a traditional single fin.

One of the main changes in the outline of this design from the normal retro single fin is that the side point is not as far forward. The reasoning behind this was to put a little more curve int he tail of the board to enhance the turning ability. This makes the whole board work better with the bottom design utilized on this design. The bottom features a single concave running into a deep bowled concave, and then with vee through the tail.

These boards are designed for long point breaks where they can effortlessly carve the face of the wave.

The true definition of fun!

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