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11’ 3” SUP Gun - “The Stiletto”

Length: 11’ 3"
Nose Width: 11 1/2”
Overall Width: 29”
Wide Point: 5” Back
Tail Width: 15 1/2”
Thickness: 4 1/4”
Tail Shape: Rounded Pintail
Fin Layout: Quad setup with a 10” channel center box
Bottom Design: single concave - bowled double-concave - vee
Design Date: November 2014

This is our most recent SUP design, in this case it is a gun version for Felipé Pomar. This board is built on many of the concepts of our modern guns with the wide point well back and utilization of the width to put some real spring in the outline.

In order to maximize the volume and flotation on the board but without affecting the sensitivity of the rails, it features a bevelled deck rail design. This is comprised of a very flat deck that extends out to within about 4” of the rail, at which point the rail is bevelled down at roughly a 45º angle to a more normal thickness rail. This keeps the rails relatively thin for better performance, while allowing the board to carry the maximum amount of volume. This type of deck also enhances the stability when standing on it for long periods of time.

By utilizing the reduced nose area these boards have far less tendency to wander when being paddled. Part of the reason for this is also due to the fact that the wide point is so much further back, such that the surfer is typically almost standing right on the wide point. As opposed to design with the wide point forward where they are standing well behind it and following it around!

The bottom design for the board is identical to that of our modern guns with a vee through the nose rocker, leading into a strong single concave through center of the board, flowing into a deep bowled double barrel concave, and vee out through the tail.

The rocker is generally identical to that of a typical gun this size, although it is slightly flattened through the center of the board in order to enhance the speed and paddling ability.

It is setup primarily to be ridden as a quad, although it does have a 10” center box that has not been used to date. The quad setup is a lot further forward than on a typical gun this size in order to really help the turning abilities of the board.

This board has turned out to be an excellent performer in a wide range of conditions, while still being a great fitness board for paddling around on flat days. It has been ridden in very large surf and has proven that a wide board need not affect the performance of a gun. It is prompting us to explore making regular paddle guns that are much wider than the norm, stay tuned!

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