We offer most of our fin templates in either hand layup fiberglass, or G-10. Center fins are only available in fiberglass.


Fiberglass panels are laid up by hand on a large table to the required thickness. Due to the nature of the layup a vast array of colors or combination of colors are available using this method. Once the panels are completed the fins are scribed on the panel and then cut out by hand. They are then foiled and finish sanded, and finally sprayed with an linear polyurethane finish.


G-10 is a manufactured panel that is commonly made out of a combination of fiberglass and epoxy resin using high pressure and heat. This creates panels that have a very high fiber density and are heat resistant. These panels are made to more exacting standards and have much tighter thickness tolerances than fiberglass panels.

All of our G-10 fins are hand foiled and then polished to a glossy finish. They are sanded through seven (7) grits of sandpaper and then polished with two (2) grades of rubbing compound. No finish spray is applied to the fin. This is a very labor intensive process but it creates a very beautiful fin. G-10 fins have a slight green or brown coloring and it varies from panel to panel, and from fin to fin if we are not able to get them all out of the same panel. No colors are available in these panels.

RTM Molding - HDR-KORE

RTM molding is a process whereby a fin is laid up a combination of dry carbon fiber, fiberglass and a hexagonal core inside a mold. The mold is then sealed and a vacuum is used to pull resin into the mold to impregnate the dry materials. This method allows for fairly rapid creation of fins that can be optimized for various properties. Because of the efficiencies of the molding process it allows for greater production quantities and very consistent shape reproduction.

This process produces a very good looking fin that has a great combination of lightweight, strength, and flex.

We will increasingly be leveraging this production process to deliver our fins as it allows us to have a wider range and higher quantities than would be possible with hand foiled fins. We still hand foil every fin that is used to produce the molds in which these fins are produced so they are still an accurate representation of what we most desire in a fin. The other advantage of these molded fins is that they allow us to offer a wider range of bases for our fins thereby increasing the number of surfers we can reach with our designs.

Fin Systems

Our primary fin system is the exciting new GEARBOX fin system, this is a simple strong and under the glass system that is compatible with DUAL TAB fins in addition to slightly modified ProBox bases.

We also make all of our fins available for any DUAL TAB compatible systems.


Our primary bases are GEARBOX, but we can also provide DUAL TAB if needed. GEARBOX base is also compatible with ProBox .

Center fins are made for the standard center box such as Fins Unlimited, HiTech or Futures, or any compatible systems. All center fins include a screw and a breakaway plate in stainless steel and plastic. Screws use the same Allen Key supplied with most fin systems like GEARBOX, so there is no need to have a screw driver handy.

Fin Layout Guides

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